Apply Again or Gap Year?

After getting the closure I needed from Nottingham and the news that they would not be considering the waiting list any further, I’ve been considering my future applications.

Today I sat the UCAT with very minimal prep (I mean a matter of hours on Medify, not days or weeks) and scored exactly the same as last year. 2550 overall. I had an increase in VR (610) and AR (670).

Sadly, I doubt that this will make the cut off for Warwick this year (it didn’t last year and so far the interim results show an increase from last year) as I expect a higher cut off that their 2570.

My GAMSAT score is also from last year as I had not registered to sit it this year. I’ve had the same person comment on my ‘low’ GAMSAT score and that I’m ‘wasting’ a place by applying with it. I scored 55 Acer way and 57 equal weighting average. I’m not going to lie, it’s frustrated me as I’ve always been very transparent with my scorings and academics. An aptitude or admissions test WILL NOT determine if you will be successful in medicine. It’s merely a screening tool. More than likely, this year’s cut off will increase. Is it a risk? Very much so, every year. Unless you’re scoring 60+ and target universities with historically lower cut offs, it’s still a gamble.

Everything has been incredibly rushed. I was left with 4 days between Nottingham letting me know the outcome (a week later than they promised to let us know too) and my UCAT sitting today. I’ve then got 14 days to get my reference sorted, confirm my university choices and submit my UCAS application.

I’m currently second guessing my application for this year. I would never think of an application as a ‘waste’ but what if it is and it’s my second application with outright rejections? From one cycle to the next and still no further forward, if anything, backwards!

A year out wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. I would be financially better off. I’d have a stronger application, having resat the admissions exams with time to practice and I’d have the time to breathe!

I know applying isn’t losing anything (other than the UCAS fee) but don’t know if I’m ready to do it all again so soon, especially with the prospect of outright rejections. Although they’d be sent pretty quickly so at least I would know by January!

I welcome any advice anyone has and whether you’ve been through it yourself or know someone who has. I know I have the ability to do this and the hurdles make the success so welcoming but Medicine (Graduate) is so damn tough!

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