Back for round 2!

I’ve taken a good hiatus away from my BecomingDrBex accounts and blog. I have not applied for 2021 GEM and have therefore, stepped away from the applications and general buzz of medicine.

It’s been very therapeutic and I’ve enjoyed not having to worry about the deadlines, admissions exams, cut offs and impending interviews.

I’m currently in isolation from contact with COVID (despite a negative swab result) and have decided to give some time to the blog – mainly more detailed posts on the application process – admissions exams, interviews, choosing your universities to apply to and work experience. I had previously done a poll about expanding into video posts/ Youtube videos which was very successful. I’m hoping I can start getting this off the ground too.

As GAMSAT results have been released, it’s a gentle reminder that registrations have opened for March 2021 sitting. This time last year, I had never imagined that I would have to sit the GAMSAT again but know that if I want the best possible score, a March and September sitting would be wise. I’m going to also make up a revision plan for what I would like to achieve before the March exam, I’ll update my Instagram with all the information as I go.

I welcome any input into which topics you’d like to see covered – even if it’s in more detail from a previous post. I’m hoping some more dedicated blog/ medicine time will spark that passion again that I’ll need for next year’s application!

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